Making Spirits Bright: Vitamin D

Making Spirits Bright: Vitamin D


Posted September 4, 2017

Guest Blogger: Brynn Scarborough

Director of Business Development & Marketing
for JK North America

As temperatures drop and we all start spending more time inside the effects of Vitamin D deficiency become more apparent for many of us. Unless you are lucky enough to live in a state where you can enjoy a balanced bit of sunshine year round then it is likely that you have already started to experience some of the unwelcome changes that occur when the body starts to product less Vitamin D.

In this link from Food Matters you can find out more about Vitamin D along with the signs, symptoms and risk factors of deficiency that become more prevalent during winter months.

These include:

#1 Living in a state with a Northern Latitude

#2 Achy Bones

#3  Having A Gastrointestinal Disease or Issues with Absorption

#4 Muscle Malaise

#5 Having the Blues or Seasonal Depression

#6 Following a Strictly Vegan Diet

#7 Getting Every Cold or Flu/Immune Weakness

#8 Spending A lot of Time Indoors

#9 A BMI is Higher than 30

#10 Naturally Dark Skin Tones

For the full write up and additional signs of Vitamin D deficiency click here.

This article also mentions long time industry advocate, Dr. Mercola and his recommendations for balanced and regular sun exposure as a way to achieve optimum Vitamin D creation. While he recommends daily exposure in midday sun, this might not be a viable option in all climates, especially during more harsh winter months.

Achieving similar results indoors with a fully customizable tanning session in the Sun Angel  by Ergoline is an efficient option and features patented skin sensor technology. Utilizing the skin sensor will ensure that each user has a unique session according to skin tone.

Balancing out the winter blues with an eye brightening session in a Sun Angel or upper level Ergoline unit of your choice like the Prestige 1400 or Affinity 900 will leave you with a spring in your step during long winter days. Increased emphasis on Vitamin D production and practices that reinforce healthy habits like exercise and regular, balanced exposure to sunshine are especially important during the holidays!

No matter how you keep spirits bright this holiday season we hope that you will stop by your local Ergoline salon and talk with a tanning professional about what a few indoor tanning sessions can do for you. For more information about Ergoline equipment go to

If you would like to read more about the topics discussed in the blog above concerning Vitamin D deficiency go to Food Matters and the Dr. Mercola Website for more.


About the Author:

Brynn Scarborough is the Director of Business Development & Marketing for JK North America, representing industry-leading brands including Ergoline, Sun Angel, Beauty Angel and SolTron. With the company since 2012, Brynn brings extensive knowledge of sales management, customer relations and public speaking, and continues to serve JK in key project and brand development. Pursuing an Executive MBA from the Sykes School of Business at the University of Tampa, Brynn invests heavily in pursuing industry-leading innovation and technology with Ergoline.


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