Happy Mother’s Day From Planet Beach!

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Posted May 9, 2012

As you know, or maybe some of you have forgotten, but Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Don’t wait too long! Let Planet Beach be your designated pampering professionals and give your Mother what she truly needs, SOME RELAXATION! With packages, gift baskets, and memberships, Planet Beach is the best destination for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Ask your local spa about Mother's Day baskets!

Mother’s Day is a the time to pamper and go miles out of your way to tell your Mother how much your appreciate EVERYTHING she has done for you!

If you don’t have the budget, show your Mother how much you love her by doing something special. Get up early and surprise your mother with the best breakfast! Write your mother a very special letter, there’s just something special about opening up a letter that feels so good. Flowers are always a good idea! Be nice! Be good to your Mother and spoil her endlessly, after all, this is her day!

Remember, the best Mother’s Days are the ones spent with family. Thank your Mother and her Mother, and so on, because chances are, you wouldn’t be here without them!

The origins of Mother’s Day are quite interesting, Click here for details!

Comment below on some great Mother’s Day gifts or things you have done in the past for your mom!

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