Happy 25th Birthday, Planet Beach!

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Posted April 5, 2021

On April 1st, 2021 Planet Beach Franchising Corporation celebrated a big day, and I’m not talking about April Fool’s!

When Stephen Smith opened the first Planet Beach on May 15, 1995, he truly wanted to revolutionize the tanning industry. His goal: to help people achieve that sense of rested well-being that only comes from a day at the beach. So, he took his experience in gym management and opened his “Electric Beach” in the Uptown district of New Orleans. The concept took off, but the name needed some tweaking. After much thought, it was officially changed to Planet Beach on April 1, 1996, beginning to franchise and expand the concept across the globe with the quest to change the way the world rejuvenates!

But truly the most revolutionizing change came in 2005, when Smith repositioned the company and expanded services, launching our automated spa concept. Such forward-thinking helped the system overcome its most tricky challenge to date, the negative press about tanning.

Smith saw the shift as an opportunity. Recognizing that some customers do benefit from moderate UV therapy, Planet Beach also anticipated huge consumer demand for other health and wellness services and expanded into a one-stop spa with an impressive roster of options.

Since the beginning, the goal of Planet Beach has been to instill a sense of mental and physical renewal for all of the guests who walk through the door. And, all changes at Planet Beach spas have always kept that goal!

“It is kind of like the Marines,” Smith says. “You adapt and overcome.”

The system’s ability to change and meet new needs is great not only for its members but also its local owners. Wellness is not a passing fad, and people need affordable options to help them lead the lives they deserve.

We welcome you to relax in one of our automated massages, tone up and detox in the HOTWORX, or simply add a little glow to your complexion with a UV or spray tanning service in celebration of our 25th anniversary this month. Remember that if you are a first-time guest, you’ll receive a complimentary session. To claim your free session, log on to https://planetbeach.com/free-trial/.

For the benefit of our customers and the communities we serve, we will remain dedicated to the continued success of each Planet Beach spray & spa franchise. Our franchise locations will provide superior customer service in an inspiring, alternative atmosphere. We are so excited about reaching this milestone that we want you to partake in the festivities and join in on the celebration. 25 years and still going strong!! Happy Birthday, Planet Beach! Click here to find a planet beach spray & spa near you!

For Franchise Info, visit planetbeach.com/franchising!

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