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Posted August 2, 2021

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Our members love their experience and love their results! Check out this amazing testimonial from a member named Blair at the Planet Beach in Kingwood, TX!

“Before I was diagnosed with Morgellon’s Disease, a rare form of chronic Lyme Disease that causes disfiguring skin lesions, I didn’t practice self-care. When I was healthy, I exercised and tried to eat well but with two kids and a busy life I never took the time to focus on my overall health and well-being.

In 2016, my health began to spiral downward. For four years I experienced gastrointestinal problems, severe and frequent bilateral knee joint swelling as well as four surgeries, insomnia, daily headaches/migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, dizziness, brain fog and extreme fatigue. The fatigue was so severe some days I couldn’t even get out of bed to get myself a glass of water! Most people don’t understand that level of fatigue until they experience it themselves. My condition continued to worsen and eventually I developed painful, non-healing skin lesions on my face.

Countless surgeries, trips to the ER, a one-week hospitalization and many specialists later, I was finally diagnosed with Morgellon’s Disease. In September 2020, I started an aggressive antibiotic protocol. At that time, my Lyme Disease physician recommended alternative treatments in addition to medical treatment. He urged me to try going to an infrared sauna as it helps the body with detoxification. At the time, I felt too sick, and quite frankly, too embarrassed because of my skin lesions.

At my last follow up appointment with my doctor earlier this year, my skin lesions were still not showing much improvement. This time my doctor stressed to me the importance of trying infrared heat to detox the body and help my skin heal. He explained that as the antibiotics worked to kill the bacteria, toxins are released and deposited into every bodily system. The heat from infrared light raises the core body temperature and the body sweats, releasing the toxins through the skin without having to sit in a room where the ambient temperature is close to 200 degrees. I decided I had nothing to lose and decided to try HOTWORX at Planet Beach.

I joined Planet Beach and began going to the HOTWORX sessions. At first, I was too sick and too weak to do anything but lay on a mat in the room and let my body sweat. After a month, I had a little more energy and felt well enough to start a few minutes of exercise, mainly stretching and a few yoga poses. Noticing more improvement of all my symptoms, I made it a priority to go every day and eventually I was able to do almost a full hour of exercise. I gained my strength and flexibility back and my overall health began to rapidly improve! I was sleeping better, and I had less anxiety and depression. As my skin began healing, I regained my self-confidence. I noticed I was even losing weight and over 4 months I lost 20 pounds!

I love HOTWORX at Planet Beach! The staff are warm and welcoming and were compassionate to me when I began this healing journey. The improvements of my overall health and wellness are remarkable and I am so happy that my skin lesions are almost fully healed! I only wish I had started sooner as my doctor first recommended.

Just as I take my antibiotics to fight this disease, I go to HOTWORX every day. I highly recommend the infrared sauna at Planet Beach to anyone suffering with illness, chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, or if you just want to improve your overall health. It is truly medicine for the mind, body and soul.”

Blair Hiett

Check out a Planet Beach near you by clicking HERE and give HOTWORX a try!

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