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Next Level Performance in 2016 with Hot Box Detox-Hot Box Detox is now HOTWORX


Posted January 8, 2016

Are you looking to simply improve your flexibility for better daily life functions?  Or, like myself, do you participate in an activity or sport and you want to see improved performance? I can assure you that the Hot Box Detox program can change your level of performance in just a few weeks, if you practice one to two 30 minute sessions per week, I know first hand. 

Take a look at my Facebook post  from Big Bear Lake, CA on December 20:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 7.14.29 PM

“Yesterday was the best skiing day of my life! As I skied double black diamonds with ease I never felt as much strength, endurance and balance…and I’m not a spring chicken anymore! I have to ask myself, why the performance gains? What is the “X” factor that is allowing me to enjoy skiing at this new level now. The only difference in my routine is the Hot Box Detox one to two times per week, religiously, for the past four months. The Hot Box infrared/isometrics has made the difference for me. The last time I skied was seven months ago. Wow! The difference is so stark to me. It is amazing the increase in ability that I have gained just from adding the Hot Box to my fitness routine. I still do one plyometric workout per week along with my weight training, but when I added the Hot Box four months ago it has taken my personal functionality to a new level. I just wanted to share my excitement. Thanks for reading. Now I am headed back to the slopes. We got new snow last night!!!

All Planet Beach spray & spa locations will be installing the Hot Box Detox in the near future, but If you don’t have a Planet Beach or the Hot Box Detox in your area, please tell your local gym to get a few units for their clients and for you!

Your comments are always welcomed and very much appreciated. 

Thank you in advance,                                                                                                                                                                                                              Stephen Smith, CEO at Planet Beach Franchising Corporation

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