Hump Day Mentality


Posted March 9, 2020

Have you ever used the phrase, ‘Guess what day it is… HUMP DAY?!’ 

I enjoy reading motivation and business improvement books to stay inspired and in the right mindset. Often there are topics that are more relatable than others and in a book I read recently, there was a mentality discussed by Jeffrey Gitomer that really spoke to me. It was the hump day mentality. 

Hump Day is a term used to define the top of the proverbial work week hill; Wednesday. For many, arriving to work on Monday morning can be compared to starting at the bottom of a hill. By Wednesday afternoon, you’ve reached the top and the rest of the week is a downhill slope towards the weekend. 

I’m sure we’ve all suffered from the hump day mentality at one point in time but the truth is, not only is it a terrible attitude but it should also be a huge wake up call. The hump day mentality causes employees to only put in about 2.5 solid days of productive work followed by 2.5 days of coasting and weekend planning. If you’re like me, and take pride in your work, then the idea of only doing half the work expected of you will not sit well. Your excitement about hump day not only shows lack of productivity but also lack of passion about your work. 

There’s a famous quote by Marc Anthony that says. ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ This quote is very fitting. If you truly love what you do and are passionate about your work, is it really work?  

If you love what you do but simply need a wake call here is it, if you continue to be unsuccessful and unproductive there will come a day that your employer no longer accepts mediocracy. What then? 

It’s time to alter our approach to the work week. Everyday is PUMP DAY. We’re going to treat every day like a Monday and get stuff done! Give Monday- Friday your all and take advantage of the current opportunities that have been given to you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at where it takes you. 

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Written By: Alyssa Burnham, Franchise Performance Coach

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