Be Still & Embrace the Hustle Culture


Posted August 8, 2021

Professional Surfer, Bethany Hamilton, was the featured keynote speaker at the HOTWORX & Planet Beach Convention last month in San Antonio, TX. During her presentation, she spoke of working hard, facing your fears and adapting to life’s adversities. Recently, she quoted the following statement; “There are times for action, movement, striving and working hard, and then there are also times when we need to be still.”

Working hard is part of who I am! I’m a hustler to the core and love to get the job done. Those who know me can tell you that I never stop, and if I sit idle, then something just doesn’t feel right. I love the hustle culture, and if I’m not working, I’m either exercising or reading during my off time. However, occasionally it’s important to just take a breath, be still and reflect.

As humans, we have the unique ability to reflect on our past decisions that no other species on the planet shares! How cool is that? Yet, in the hustle and bustle of life, reflection is so often forgotten. If you’re like me, the first thing that may come to mind when you read this may be, “I don’t even have time to reflect!” However, I’m here to assure you that you do have a spare moment for reflection. It doesn’t have to be something that you spend an hour on daily. Rather, consistent, small bouts of reflection will take you a long way! The purpose of this reflection is to remember your past and then realign your hopes, dreams and goals for the days to come. The more in tune you are with these aspects of yourself, the more you can embrace the hustle culture while learning to be still and reflect. Just as the pendulum swings, we must have both hard work and relaxation in equal measure to be productive.

Some great times to reflect are while taking a shower, driving, or right before you go to sleep or right when you wake up. To level up on self-care and reflection, visit Planet Beach where we have all the tools that you need to rest and restore. Stop in for an automated facial, UV therapy session or a HOTWORX yoga session where you can care for your mind, body & soul in a relaxing and soothing environment. We are here to help you be still and embrace the hustle culture.

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity

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