New Year, New You!

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Posted January 10, 2021

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives! For many of us, there is an infinite feeling that there are simply not enough hours in a day. If your level of productivity is on point both professionally and personally, you may feel this way also. For me personally, I thrive in a bustling work environment where I can work both independently and interdepartmentally to support the company’s vision and goals. The mental stimulation and the socialization provides me with a sense of fulfillment, wellbeing and accomplishment. Furthermore, I make it a point to incorporate that same level of discipline off the clock with a regimented schedule of exercise in which I rarely falter. Once a certain level of productivity is put into practice in and out of the office, it becomes a matter of habit and then a consistent routine set to auto pilot.

With 2021 upon us and the COVID-19 pandemic still looming, it’s important to truly understand yourself and embrace the things that make you tick! It’s a new year and a new you. It’s another chance to start over and get it right. At Planet Beach, we provide products and services that will help you look and feel your absolute best. Sweat it out in a HOTWORX session, which combines heat, infrared energy and exercise, for the perfect 30-minute Isometric or 15-minute HIIT workout. Following, you can indulge in a UV therapy session or relax with an automated massage. Planet Beach exudes a certain vibe and you will understand the meaning of Relax, Glow & Renew after your very first complimentary session. We have everything you need to maintain your beauty and health routine.

So hears to 2021!!! Keep it productive, find the things that make your tick and don’t let time slip away from you. Make every second count with Planet Beach!

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity

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