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Posted January 24, 2021

Mindfulness is defined as a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. Wed MD states that being mindful means paying close attention to what’s happening in the moment. Put simply, mindfulness is about being present. It means noticing what’s happening inside your mind and body and what’s happening around you.

Mindfulness can keep you in touch with your goals and hopes.  For example, if you have a goal to lose 5 pounds, it will be attainable by being aware of your thoughts and taking the necessary action to achieve that goal. If you are self-aware, you will make the commitment to add another exercise session to your weekly routine and choose the fresh fruit instead of the tempting salty bag of potato chips!  Alternatively, if your goal is to read a new book each month, you will avoid the binge watching on Netflix and relocate to a quiet corner with no interruptions so that you can catch up on a few chapters each night.  To improve one’s self, there must be a keen sense of self-awareness and the burning desire to make improvements. Self-realization and motivation are the key elements needed to implement changes necessary to achieve goals.

Planet Beach takes pride in offering a variety of automated services in a private and relaxing setting that will aid you in connecting with your inner most thoughts.  Unwind in a warm UV session, detox the body in the HOTWORX infrared sauna, or sooth sore muscles with an automated massage.  Planet Beach offers services that will aid in the improvement of your emotional and physical health, while keeping you in the present. Let Planet Beach help you be more mindful!

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity

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