EAT: Total Wellness Principle #4

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Posted August 26, 2013

Total Wellness is less about how much food goes into your body, and more about what kind of food goes into your body. You may think that counting calories is the way to go when trying to eat better. But, in truth, we must think more about the food itself than the caloric intake.

Calories mean nothing if your body isn’t getting the proper nutrition that it needs to sustain a healthy, energetic body.

Think about it… Counting calories and adhering to strictly controlled portion sizes may keep overall weight down, but you may still feel tired and sluggish. We begin to depend on those five cups of coffee, diet cokes, and, our favorite around here in the Planet Beach office, extra large sweet teas. While nothing is wrong with these beverages on occasion, we begin to use them as a crutch to get us energized in the morning and keep us going through the day.

But we don’t need this crutch. We can wake up feeling energized and ready to hit our day if we just make sure to eat properly. 

Below are 5 types of food you should eat to start feeling more energized:

  1. Carbs – I know what you’re thinking, but carbs are not the enemy. Eaten in moderation, carbohydrates are our friends. Think about runners who eat pasta before a big race. They are fueling up their body and so should you! Just keep in mind: MODERATION is key. You’re not running a marathon everyday so, don’t eat carbs like you are. Opt for whole grain carbs and you’re golden!
  2. Fruits – This isn’t rocket science. Fruit contains fiber and vitamins, which keep you fuller longer and allows your body to utilize its fuel over time which makes for longer lasting energy levels.
  3. Vegetables – Again, you already know this. Raw is best, but anyway you can get them, vegetables are good for you and, like fruit they keep you fuller and energized for longer periods of time.
  4. Fat – Don’t get it twisted! Fat is a necessary part of the human diet. However, we must make sure that we are getting the right kind of fats in the right amount of moderation. Healthy fats like raw nuts and nut butters are ideal. As are Omega rich foods such as salmon.
  5. Water – Technically, it’s not a food. But, water is an essential part to any diet. Dehydration will make your energy levels plummet faster than you can imagine, so drink up!

Don’t forget to eat at least three meals per day, take a healthy dose of vitamins, and try to maintain a routine of healthy snacks in between meals.

Try Planet Beach’s Enrich daily supplements!  Enrich will give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to improve your skin and complexion, naturally boost your metabolism and encourage fatburning, and take your current health status to a higher level.

Following a healthy diet with the addition of a daily multivitamin is your key to a more energized and healthier YOU!

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