End of Summer Savings

End of Summer Savings

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Posted August 12, 2019

As summer comes to an end, we say goodbye to endless nights, days by the sea and the warmth of the sun.  As we pack away the swimsuits and beach balls, we prepare for the seasons ahead. All endings give way to new beginnings and parents everywhere are preparing their children for the upcoming school year.  After a fun filled last minute family vacation, I am making the mad rush among many to stock up on school supplies and uniforms.

No matter how many back to school tips I’ve gathered over the years, the back to school transition can be a little hectic on the both the children and parents. There is an undeniable change in pace as children shift from the lazy days of summer to their new regimented routines packed with school work and extra-curricular activities.

With one child entering the 7th grade and one entering their Sophomore year of college, I can completely relate to the chaos that the back to school season ensues. Yes, it’s a new beginning and new milestones for your children, but it’s also a lot of preparation. Don’t you love covering your child’s 10 workbooks with contact paper? How about writing their name on every pencil and crayon? Although these little details may seem minuscule, they are just as important as reading the school handbook and completing the required emergency contact forms. All the details matter and as a parent, I’ll do everything required to ensure my children’s academic success.

During the back to school transition, it’s important to squeeze in the necessary me time and get a little rest and relaxation when possible.

Make Planet Beach your ultimate escape as you indulge in one of the many automated spa or UV therapy services.  You can stop in during your lunch break or immediately after work to relax, glow and renew!  Soothe sore muscles, eliminate stress, release toxins, and increase circulation while relaxing in one of the automated massage services. At the push of a button, you’ll experience a luxury massage in a private room without the need of an attendant.  Alternatively, relax as your skin gets that “right off the beach glow” in one of our innovative tanning units.  You can even out those tan lines from the beach and keep your summer glow all year-round.

Take advantage of Planet Beach’s end of summer savings and receive your first month free when you join.  Additionally, teachers and students can enjoy a spray tan for only $30.00. As you kiss summer goodbye and embrace the back to school season, stop into Planet Beach to achieve your ultimate beauty and wellness goals.

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity, and Franchisee

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