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Posted November 3, 2011

Automated massage services are the perfect remedy for stress, aches and tension

A trip to the spa should always include a relaxing massage, but massages at traditional day spas are pricey and getting even one 30-minute service each week is out of reach for most people. Not so at Planet Beach Contempo Spas. Our innovative automated services and membership options allow customers to get multiple massage treatments each week.

The push-button technology allows completely customized massages. Clients can remain fully clothed throughout the services, each of which takes place in a private room without the need of a massage therapist.

Take a look:

Cyber-Relax ChairThe Cyber-Relax chair conforms to your body and is designed to target your body’s vital pressure points. The chair reclines, closes in around your body and uses Point Navi Sensors to scan your body shape and posture.The options start with “firm” or “relaxing” massage, but the technology offers up to 509 different massage combinations. In just 20 minutes, your body will feel relaxed and renewed. The chair even massages your feet.Aqua Massage The aqua massage is an especially relaxing massage. This service targets pressure points.

Along three sides of your body, from your lower neck to the tips of your toes. The aqua massage capsule adjusts to the height of the user and customizes the manipulation of all the key areas. Clients can adjust the pulsating jets and the pressure intensity during the massage and also pause the jets on troublesome areas or knots. The aqua massage is completely dry and the customer doesn’t need to worry about getting wet during this massage or spending time getting undressed and dressed again. It is convenient and effective.

Hydro Massage The hydro massage works much like a whirlpool, using heat and water pressure to relieve stress and relax muscles. The hydro massage targets muscles along your spine to leave your back more flexible and relaxed. The customer can make adjustments throughout the massage to target key areas along the spine that may need more attention.

The Therasage has several options according to the type of massage you want: smooth, shiatsu or revitalizing. The therasage machine heats up, which allows for a more soothing massage that also works the muscles and tissues more deeply. The combination of far-infrared heat and massage improves blood circulation and reduces stress and fatigue.

All of the massage options at a Planet Beach Contempo Spa deliver high-quality results in less time, for less money and with less hassle than a traditional day spa service. We know our customers have individual needs, and the push-button convenience comes with a menu of customizing options. You can also choose the type of music to listen to throughout the massage, and like all the other services, you can change the settings.

Convenience and custom service are a great combination. Come give Contempo Spa a try. Click here to find the Planet Beach Contempo Spa nearest you.

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