Automated Spa’s Massages Aid in Relaxation, Help Manage Chronic Pain

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Posted August 10, 2012

Many of our members use our services to relax, a special treat to help them unwind from a stressful week.

Other regulars, however, use Planet Beach for a more serious reason: chronic pain.


Massage is known as a “complementary therapy,” which can provide temporary relief from chronic pain by easing muscle tension and increasing circulation in targeted areas. Complementary therapies may also help users cope with stress and improve emotional and physical well-being.

Many of Tami Walker’s customers suffer from the chronic pain of arthritis and fibromyalgia. The Planet Beach franchisee and area representative owns and operates locations in Twin Falls and Boise, Idaho, and a third under construction in Idaho Falls. “They get quite a bit of relief from our services,” Tami says, “especially after using our HydroMassage.”

She remembers one customer who had surgery on a meniscus injury. The customer visited Planet Beach regularly to use the HydroMassage and red light therapy, which uses red-tinted light to stimulate the body’s natural defense systems. “The doctor asked her what she’d been doing,” Tami says. “The doctor said he’d never seen anything heal so fast.”

Even members who don’t suffer from chronic physical pain can benefit from how Planet Beach’s spa services can relieve anxiety, even depression.

“The stress relief from the day-to-day is really nice, and some of our members say it really helps with their depression,” Tami says. “We’ve had a member write to us and tell us how much we’ve helped.”

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