SHOP NAKED!!! You Know You Do It!

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Posted February 3, 2015

Shop Naked! We All Do It!

Shop Naked! We All Do It!

Yes, you read that right! In the buff, your all-out birthday suit, makes for a crème de la crème shopping experience! Have you had the opportunity to peruse the online shopping aisles in the buff? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. If you have, well then good for you!

Who doesn’t love to shop? For some of us, shopping is therapeutic. It calms our nerves and makes us feel good when we’ve made a new purchase. Some of the biggest stressors involved with shopping in a typical retail store are the lines, the traffic, and the crowds. Did I mention the lines?!? But don’t take my word for it. The proof is in the numbers. eCommerce continues to experience consistent growth trends year over year. People LOVE to shop, and shopping from home makes the experience so much better for all sorts of reasons. BUT the reason at the top of my list… drum roll please! The ability to completely and without apology, SHOP NAKED!!!! You saw that coming didn’t you? If this is a new concept for you or if you want a little reading entertainment, please allow me to elaborate.

TOP 5 Scenarios of the Naked SHOPPER:

NAKED SNACKING & SHOPPING: Picture this… you are strolling around your house, in the NUDE. The hunger troll bites you, so you make your way to the kitchen for an innocent snack. As you are opening the fridge, you hear the familiar sound of an email arrive to your inbox! Oh the delight, when you see it is from your favorite online shop. A great offer is now at your fingertips. Being the multi-tasking supreme individual that you are, you get your “healthy” snack from the fridge, take advantage of that online discount and go about your day. All this, while at home enjoying a little nakey-me-time in your kitchen!

WORKSPACE SHOPPING IN YOUR MOST PROFESSIONAL BIRTHDAY SUIT: It’s your house. So if you want to sit at your desk and shop Naked, that is your GOD-given right. And, why not? Sometimes, you want to be free. Hey, maybe you’re doing some work, and then you toggle to a new online shop and then a little more work. Shop, work, shop, work! We are on our computers so much that you need a little change of scenery sometimes. Popping from window to window just feels right. You know what else feels right? Doing it in the buff! When you’re in the sanctity of your own-home, get rid of the constraints of tight undergarments and cotton fabrics. Strip down and surf the web on your terms! Just stay away from Facetime and Google Chat, that’s a whole other blog topic!

SHOPPING AFTER HOURS: Maybe you don’t walk around your house and kitchen naked. Maybe you don’t sit at your office desk in the nude. BUT, I know many people that sleep naked. And I know many people that wake up in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep. They pick up their device of choice to look at the latest and greatest products online. Here is yet another scenario that cannot be replicated or achieved with typical stores. Nope, you can’t naked-sleep-walk to a store down the street and check out the newest arrivals. BUT, you can roll your naked body over and shop in the middle of the night in bed or on your cushy sofa. The possibilities are endless people!

AT THE SPA – STILL SHOPPING NAKED: Let’s not limit ourselves to shopping online from home. We do it everywhere. I even do it at the spa! Being in a service naked does not keep me from experiencing the luxury of shopping online. “Oh, this is a product that I would love and I should add it to my cart to reach that FREE Shipping point, why thank you! Don’t mind if I do!”

BATHROOM SHOPPING – WE ALL DO IT: Let me take you to another common scenario. Shopping in the bathroom. Should I go on? I must. There are several stations in the bathroom that lend themselves to great possibilities for Naked Shopping… the tub, the vanity, the list goes on. Even in the most vulnerable places, shopping is possible. Stay with me here… You get in the shower and you think to yourself, “Oh no, that sale ends today and I really want that (fill in the blank)!” No worries friend. Grab that phone which is an arm’s reach away. Once in hand, fill that cart like a boss and press that beautiful button, Place Order! It’s done. And, guess what? You, my friend, were NAKED! The ease of shopping online is a glorious thing!

Shopping NAKED…how many people are already doing this? Are you one of them? Yes, it would be absolutely unacceptable (and illegal) to waltz into your local shopping mall while wearing nothing. Could you imagine the looks you’d get while browsing the shelves and tossing items into your shopping cart in the nude? You may not be able to shop naked in an actual store, but the laws of online shopping clearly state, “No shoes, no shirt, NO PROBLEM.” So strip down in your living room, open your laptop and start shopping! It’s even acceptable to do a naked victory dance if you’re excited about the deals you just found online. Just make sure your curtains are closed!

Let’s not forget what it’s all about in the end, that magical moment when the package arrives. All your NAKED Shopping was worth it! Now, all you have to decide is where shall I shop tomorrow?

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