Peppermint Candy Cane

Alternative Uses for Peppermint


Posted December 18, 2016

Who decided that Candy Canes should be so closely associated with the Holiday season? They are everywhere you look! According to my online research, no one has the definitive answer for exactly when and how Candy Canes became a staple decoration for the Holiday season. However, the Internet does seem to agree on the fact that Peppermint essential oil has many beneficial uses. Stop by your local Planet Beach spray & spa to purchase a vial of our Peppermint Essential Oil, so you can try some of the alternative uses listed below!


The smell of peppermint has been known to stimulate energy levels. When I feel myself dragging at work, I’ll spray Planet Beach’s Citrus Mint Spa Spray in my office and immediately feel more alert.

Chest Cold

Seems like the cold weather affects everyone’s sinuses around this time of the year. The essential oil can be used to relieve sinus congestion with its ability to open your airways. Add a few drops to a hot bath and you’ll see the difference it makes!


For the same reason Peppermint can be used as a household cleaning agent, it is also commonly used to treat acne. The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the Peppermint make this essential oil helpful in preventing and reducing the appearance of breakouts.

Bad Breath

Not exactly surprised by this one, since Peppermint is a very popular flavor among toothpaste, gum, and breath mints. The Peppermint essential oil is much stronger and more effective in tackling bad breath! The bacteria living on your tongue cause the very unpleasant smell and Peppermint oil can work wonders for eliminating bad breath.

Peppermint Essential OilWhat are some other ways you have used Peppermint oil?

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