Battling Dark Circles

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Posted May 26, 2015

I’ve been through my various skin stresses throughout the years: pimples, blackheads, dryness, and even a few fine lines. However, I’ve never been plagued with dark circles under my eyes until recently. Likely due to lack of sleep, these dark circles make me look like I’ve aged 5 years. I spent several weeks in denial, bought a tube of under-eye concealer, and hoped for the best.

Unfortunately, hiding a problem isn’t the same as correcting a problem. In the likely case that I won’t always be getting my recommended eight hours of beauty rest, here are some quick-fixes to battle those pesky dark circles.

  • Refrigerate two spoons and place them curved-side down on your eyes. The homemade cold compress will reduce the swelling and freshen up the saggy skin that usually comes along with dark circles.

  • Pick up a fresh cucumber at your local grocery store and place it in the refrigerator until it’s chilled. Then cut the cucumber and place a slice on each eye. Then you can snack on the rest and work on that healthy diet! Cucumbers are full of antioxidants, which helps reduce irritation, and the cooling effect helps reduce swelling.

  • Lastly, brew a warm cup of chamomile tea. Remove the tea bagsand let them cool to your comfort level. Squeeze out the excess water and place over your eyes for about five minutes. The chamomile is especially soothing due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

All of these home remedies will ease your eyes, but if you want to feel relaxed and renewed all over, book an appointment at your local Planet Beach. We will have you looking youthful and energized in no time. Don’t forget to purchase the PB Collagen Eye Mask to hydrate and rejuvenate your tired eyes at!

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