2022 Australian Gold Product Release: Nothing but Bronze Coconut


Posted December 5, 2021

As most of you are aware, Planet Beach spray & spa carries a multitude of top-of-the-line skin care and wellness products. Some of these are great for every day at home use, and some pair with our services to ensure the best results.

For our UV tanning, we only carry the industry’s finest: Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold, California Tan, Designer Skin, and our celebrity line JWOWW. Every year these brands release new products, and as a premier partner, Planet Beaches are some of the first to get them on our shelves.

For my next several blogs I will dive into this year’s new releases for 2022! Today let’s talk about an Australian Gold new release:

Nothing But Bronze™ Coconut
Advanced Ultra Dark Natural & DermaDark® Bronzer
Infused with Coconut Trio, Tattoo Technology & Australian Ingredients

• DermaDark® Bronzer
• Tyrosine
• Natural Bronzers
• Coconut Water, Oil & Extract
• Tattoo Color Technology
• Australian Ingredients
• Matte Finish
• ATO Inhibitor
• Fragrance: Coconut & Sandalwood – Sweet Natural Coconut Pulp, Vanilla, Amber, & Sandalwood

PRODUCT STORY – Outback Collection
Your trip to a tropical oasis is just one use away with Nothing But Bronze™ Coconut! This Advanced Ultra Dark Natural & DermaDark® Bronzer delivers immediate unbelievably dark color, while also helping develop color for extended color results. Intoxicating Coconut Trio lavishes skin with moisturization and electrolytes to rejuvenate your complexion for a paradise glow. Let you skin soak up this Wild Floral Fusion that harnesses the power of the Outback which nourishes and soothes for touchably, soft skin. Give tattoos a decadent gulp of hydration with ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology to provide vibrancy to all your beautiful works of art! No need to pack…your passport to utopia is all set!

Advanced Ultra Dark Natural & DermaDark® Bronzer: Caramel, Annatto Seed, and Black Walnut Extract impart instant color to the skin, while Tyrosine helps to stimulate melanocyte activity and melanin production for a natural, golden glow. DermaDark® Bronzer continues to help boost color results after the tanning session for unbeatable results.


Wild Floral Fusion: Australian native Emu Bush and Kangaroo Paw Extracts contain phyto-active compounds which are known to have skin regenerative effects, keeping skin hydrated while providing powerful antioxidant properties that protect and nurture for improved skin appearance.

Coconut Trio: Special blend of Coconut Water, Coconut Oil, Coconut Extract, and Glycerin that condition and moisturize for soft, supple, smooth skin and a balanced, youthful complexion.

ColorGuard™ Plus Tattoo Technology: Luxurious blend of Tiger Grass and Cocoa Butter that work together to hydrate and protect for more vivacious ink.

Purrfection Finish Primer: Natural polymer and a brightening agent fill in imperfections and give the appearance of a more even and radiant complexion.

Tea Tree Oil: A pure essential oil, known to have natural odor fighting properties, which help prevent after tan odor from developing.

8.5oz Tube | .5oz Packette

This refreshing and tropical fragrance pairs perfectly with Hemp Nation® Sea Salt & Sandalwood to ensure longer-lasting dark color results.

Stop by your local Planet Beach spray & spa and get your glow on with this amazing new UV lotion! CLICK HERE to find a spa near you!

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