What is Mystic Tan?

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Posted November 3, 2011

For Planet Beach Contempo Spa member Jessica Meehan, it means quick color and convenience

The outside of the Mystic Tan booth

Jessica Meehan’s friends told her about the notorious MysticTan, but the sunless spray tan newbie had yet to try it. That is, until she finally made an appointment at the Planet Beach Contempo Spa in Terrytown, La., a suburb of New Orleans.

“I don’t like tanning but I still wanted to be tan,” she says. “I was going to the beach and wanted a little bit of color.” Her friends encouraged her to try Mystic Tan and she found her local Planet Beach on Facebook.

The Planet Beach Contempo Spa UV-free Mystic Spray Tan ensures a beautiful, bronzed glow in just seconds, thanks to the DHA tanning process that uses the unique, patented MagneTan technology. Instead of producing melanin, this process uses the body’s natural magnetic properties to create a natural, long-lasting glow. As the tanning solution passes through the nozzles, the particles are polarized, taking on the characteristics of tiny magnets. They then adhere evenly to the skin to create a smooth, streak-free look each and every session. For Meehan, one visit made her a UV-free tan convert.

“It was really just a good experience,” says the New Orleans-based social entrepreneur. “It is nice because it gave color all over the body and it was easy and fast, which is also fantastic.”

The MysticTan session begins when you step into the private, full-body, self-contained booth. An even amount of tanning

The inside of Mystic Tan

solution is applied to your entire body in just seconds. When the process is over, you simply towel off any excess spray, throw on your clothes and go.

The color’s staying power also impressed the fair-skinned Meehan. “It lasted much longer than I thought it would,” she says. “I thought it would fade pretty quickly, around four or five days, but it has lasted eight days.” The results of a 30-second MysticTan session compare to a full day in the sun.

“It was great,” Meehan says. “It was so quick and convenient. I can’t wait to go back.”

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