Enhance Your Level of Grit!


Posted June 28, 2021

In her book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Angela Duckworth describes grit as the perseverance and passion to achieve long-term goals. Another way to think about grit is in terms of mental toughness. We could all use a little more grit in our lives, especially when it comes to our mental and physical health. I’m sure you can think of someone who seems especially “gritty.” Maybe it’s the person in the office who never seems to struggle with the next project assignment, or the person next to you in spin class who never seems to tire.

Even though people naturally have different levels of grit, the good news is that grit can be learned over time! Throughout her career, Duckworth has spent years doling out questionnaires to various groups of people that feature statements such as, “setbacks don’t discourage me. I don’t give up easily,” and “I finish whatever I begin.” The possible answers range from “not like me at all” to “very much like me.” Through these questionnaires, Duckworth learned that answers to these types of questions predicted, more than any other factor, how likely you are to stick with things and complete tasks that you start.

One thing that Duckworth has discovered is that it is the way that we respond to setbacks that defines us rather than the setbacks themselves. This is especially important to keep in mind when considering fitness goals. Luckily, Planet Beach can help you reach your ultimate fitness goals with HOTWORX, the virtually instructed exercise program where users experience the benefits of infrared heat absorption, while completing a 30-minute isometric or 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session.

I’m sure you’ve been in a challenging position where you just wanted to throw in the towel and give it up, but you dig deep and cross the finish line anyway. That’s grit! For me personally, it’s the last 10 minutes of a strenuous workout such as HOTWORX, where you just want to fall on the floor from exhaustion but you dig deep and power through it. That’s grit!

Visit your local Planet Beach & give HOTWORX a try!  Planet Beach provides an array of services that will meet your beauty & wellness needs. If grit is what you’re looking for, then Planet Beach has you covered. CLICK HERE to find a location near you!

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