Stop & Glam Up with Planet Beach this Christmas!


Posted December 12, 2021

The Christmas Season is here and everyone is decking the halls, checking their lists and embracing all things merry & bright.  It’s the most wonderful time of year filled with yuletide carols, twinkling lights and sweet kisses under the mistletoe. As you prepare to reunite with family and friends to celebrate the holiday, put yourself at the top of the priority list to ensure you feel and look your absolute best. Follow these tips to sparkle & shine this holiday season:

1. Remember, You Are What You Eat
In an article published in Forbes magazine, Dr. Judy Ho recommends these healthy eating tips.  She states that, “The promise of a clean slate on January 1st often provides another temptation to abandon healthy eating practices during the holidays.  This perspective is often misinformed, though as research suggest 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions abandon them by February. Instead of relying on resolutions, she suggests practicing these simple tips:

    • Eat slowly and mindfully
    • Use Smaller plates
    • Wait 20 minutes before going back for a second serving. (If you’re really hungry, the hunger and fullness cues take about 20 minutes to settle in.)
    • Have a healthy snack before going to a party so you’re not tempted to eat everything you see.

2. Keep Your Workouts Consistent
Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy fitness regime. Social gatherings may interrupt your normal workout schedule, so look at your calendar in advance and schedule your workouts just as you would a meeting and stick to it. If you have plans in the afternoon or evening, schedule your workout in the morning so that it’s done before you start your day.  Planet Beach offers the revolutionary HOTWORX infrared sauna workout, which allows you to burn massive amounts of calories while detoxing the body. You’ll have an automatic boost of energy to start each day after a 30-minute isometric or 15 minute HIIT session in the HOTWORX Sauna.  If you want more workout in less time this holiday season, then this workout is for you!

3. Stop & Glam Up
It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, so make a point to stop and glam up. Make those appointments in advance for your mani/pedi and make sure that you stop by Planet Beach to get your Sunless Spray Tan. At the touch of a button, you’ll achieve an instant glow within 60 seconds that will last 5-7 days. Also, purchase one sunless session and receive one free during the month of December at select Planet Beach locations.  Ladies, you’ll feel great slipping on those party dresses with a healthy & sparkling glow.

As your making your list and checking it twice this Christmas, give yourself a little TLC so that you can share your joy and energy with the ones that you love. Remember to watch what you eat & stop by Planet Beach so that you can stay on track with your workouts & achieve that instant holiday glow.

Planet Beach wishes you the most joyous and blessed Holiday Season. We can’t wait to see you soon! xoxo


Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity

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