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THIS is Why You Need to Visit a Spa!


Posted January 10, 2015

For years, we always viewed visiting a spa as a rare treat that we would typically receive as a gift from someone else, because splurging on ourselves seemed to always be a want and not a need.  Who has the money to do this sort of thing, and if not that, who would splurge on spa treatments if we had the extra cash for some reason?  I mean, that would be money better spent towards some new clothes, or to put into your vacation fund you created for next summer, right? 

Well, in another time, when the world was much simpler and the generations were more laid back, that was the obvious thought process.  However, this day and age is much different.  People (no matter what the age) are trying to keep up with the times and we all take on much more than we can handle, for the most part.  Always on the go, juggling 2, 3, sometimes 4 tasks at a time, fast paced work environments are almost in EVERY workplace, women who are balancing their children and husbands are now becoming more common to be adding their jobs and professional lives to that balance.

With all this chaos in the average American’s daily life, stress is one of the leading causes for all sorts of health issues.  There’s heart disease, weight gain, mental affects, digestive problems, physical body aches and headaches from the depression that stress brings on, and much more.  With that said, we’re now in a time where frequent visits to a spa or wellness center is key in incorporating into our lives, along with healthy diet, exercise and longer “me time” breaks throughout the day.

I decided to share 5 reasons why it’s so important and why you should visit the spa more now-a-days than ever. I hope you decide to book an appointment to one shortly after reading this!


Regardless of if we are 18, 30, 42 or 55, like it or not, we are living in a world that’s run by Millennial’s (18 – 32 year-old generation).  These are the generation of young adults who are just stepping into the working world and getting their feet wet in the workplace. They are just trying to make a name for themselves and move up the corporate ladder since they’ve either just graduated college, or are working on moving into an executive role out of their current internship at that busy corporation downtown.  They have introduced us all to the technology driven, multi-tasking, “work smarter not harder” style, has to be in control of everything at all times lifestyle that we all are forced to keep up with these days or get left behind.  Statistics show that 8 out of 10 Americans try to balance their personal lives with their working lives unsuccessfully.  Between work, relationships (both friendships and significant others), social events, house chores, and for some, being a parent; regardless of if we like it or not, these Millennials have created a whirlwind of a fast paced lifestyle for us all and that can mean big problems for your stress levels!  SLOW IT DOWN!  You need to find the time to take it easy.  Decline that incoming call from the office, ignore that text message coming through and do not even think about checking your emails…turn the phone off and break away for a massage as often as you can.  Because chances are, that “often as you can” means MAYBE once or twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes TOPS.


Like I said before, we live in an era where we all multi-task and take on more than we should, so what happens?  STRESS!  Did you know that a whopping 40% of Americans reported that they over indulge when they’re stressed out causing them to endure a plethora of unwanted pounds.  Not to mention, the health risks you are taking on your body and heart when you eat too much, or even poorly.  We’re always rushing around for some reason or another, so chances are, you’re going to pull through that fast food drive through on your way to your next meeting because you don’t have time to stop and eat a healthy meal at a restaurant every day.  If you take a day or two a week and go to a spa like Planet Beach Automated Spa, you can not only relax away those munchies with massage services that won’t break your bank, but there are actually services offered there that help you specifically with weight management (among other areas of wellness enhancements).  Services that burn up to 700 calories in 20 minutes WHILE you get a massage!  So find time to do something like this for yourself if you’ve noticed that you fall into this number of over-indulging/eating poorly more than usual lately.  You’re running a higher risk of heart attack and stroke by not doing so.


Some people experience mainly digestive symptoms, while others may have headaches, sleeplessness, depressed mood, anger and irritability. People under chronic stress are prone to more frequent and severe viral infections, such as the flu or common cold, and vaccines, such as the flu shot, are less effective for them.  If you’re already following a routine of maintaining a healthy diet and get fair to moderate exercise necessary, then incorporating a spa regimen into your busy life is well worth the time spent.


You’re not exactly living a life that you are able to just drop anything you’re doing to just take a nap, or meditate when you’re feeling overwhelmed or distracted from your body’s signs of stress overload.  Many businesses and corporations today offer wellness benefits to their employees along with their healthcare and benefits to help in boosting work performance and avoid the potential lack of productivity in the workplace due to the physical restraints work-related stress can cause.  Take a second and think about this scenario, you just cannot keep going today with this migraine headache you’ve got right now.  You think you can, and you’ll tell everyone you’ve got this and will be finished by your deadline TODAY, but really, you’re just rubbing your head and staring at your computer in a daze of pain and your anxiety to finish your project is increasing but you feel helpless to do anything at all to get there because you’re in a fog over that dang throbbing pain in your head and neck.  Or, you’ve got to finish putting together your daughters dance costume before dress rehearsals at 5:00 this evening and it’s already 2:00, but you just got a rush of fatigue or dizziness and a sudden urge to take a cat nap has come over you.  Most times you just reach for a cup of coffee for the very minimally satisfying spark of energy it gives you, but it’s usually short lived.  You lose your momentum and potentially cause your office work, or house-work to suffer the consequences.  PUT THE COMPUTER AWAY!  DROP THE HOT GLUE GUN AND SEQUINS FOR THAT COSTUME, AND GO GET A DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE AND A QUICK STOP IN A SAUNA AFTERWARDS ALREADY!  You have to gain clarity and re-fuel yourself to keep going.  Even Superwoman stops to nap and enjoys a relaxing moment for herself here and there, ya know?  Just remember, you’re more costly than you are good at times like these, so be smart about it.


Okay, okay, so looking good isn’t a “requirement”, or is it?  That could be a judgment call, but studies have proven that when one feels they look good (beautiful, handsome, glowing, etc.), that they feel more determined to take on the day.  It’s true.  I know when I feel like I look amazing, I tend to be more ambitious, confident, determined, and productive compared to times where I don’t feel like I’m looking as best as I could be.  Visiting a spa assists in so much more than just pampering.  It provides not only the health benefits we just discussed, but the skin care treatments that you receive help you with looking your very best and putting your best face forward when you walk out of one.  Looking great means feeling great, and feeling great motivates you to completely own whatever task you come across and asking for more when you’re done.

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