THINK – Total Wellness Principle #1

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Posted July 19, 2013


Or, in other words: Get your mind right!

When it comes to being healthy and happy, your mind is the strongest muscle you have to help you to achieve it. If you can get your mind in a wellness mindset, the rest of you will follow suit.

How many times have you started a nutrition or fitness regime, made a vow to de-clutter your life, or promised yourself that you wouldn’t sweat the small stuff, only to find yourself making excuses and/or talking yourself out of it all together? We are constantly setting ourselves up to fail because we don’t include our mind in plan.

So, what does that mean? Positive thoughts and affirmations are good ways of keeping yourself motivated. Just the act of putting the positivity in your mind can make a huge difference. You may not fully believe what you’re thinking, but you have to train your mind just like any other muscle.

Sometimes it’s as simple as quieting your mind and focusing on what it is that you truly want. And you need to make a habit of this everyday. Meditation and yoga are great ways to clear the mind of negative energy, reduce stress, and focus on yourself, while letting all the distractions of the world fall away. A little “ME” time is good for everyone.

As simple as this all sounds, I know it’s easier said than done. The hardest part for most of us, is finding a quiet time for yourself; and even when you do find that quiet time, you may not know how to turn off the to-do list and life analysis your brain is constantly processing.

For those of you that need help doing this, I suggest you go to your local Planet Beach, and check out our guided meditation. After a few sessions, you will be equipped to meditate on your own.

And you will be well on your way to achieving total wellness of the mind.

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