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Posted May 5, 2015

While on vacation last summer in Jamaica, I found myself in a conversation with my business partner’s husband and great friend, Jerome Price, who is an exercise physiologist.  We were discussing the usefulness of infrared saunas as a finishing touch to a great workout program.  After a few more rum cocktails, the idea of a Hot Box Detox session was born.  What if isometric postures with infrared heat were used to detoxify the body?

With that in mind, let me introduce you to a new patent-pending service by Planet Beach that is destined to change the lives of millions: Hot Box Detox.

We created this new spa program for people who want to flush toxins from their bodies and burn massive amounts of calories in the process. So whether you want to polish off your gym workout, or you’re strictly a spa-goer who wants to enhance your regime, this innovation could be a major component of your wellness program in the future.  The results will blow you away!

Hot Box Detox combines the benefits of infrared sauna therapy and isometric body postures in sequence to give you the perfect 30-minute spa detox session. As the infrared heat penetrates your body causing serious sweat, the isometric postures squeeze toxins from your internal organs, and the combination provides a massive calorie burn!

The benefits of infrared sauna therapy are well-documented.  These advantages include pain relief, stronger immune system, blood pressure reduction, wound healing, cellular health, skin purification, improved circulation, cellulite reduction, and collagen repair. The advantages of isometric posturing are also well known, and include increased blood flow, fat burning, bone strengthening, increased metabolism, lowered cholesterol, and weight loss. As an added benefit, these combined features make the new Hot Box Detox program an incredibly effective 30-minute stress management program!

Stay tuned for more information on when Hot Box Detox will be available in your area.


Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO of Planet Beach
Former Arena Football Player,
National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion,
Certified Trainer

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