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Start the New Year with a Revitalized Mind and Body!


Posted January 14, 2014


Planet Beach CONTINUES TO Celebrate a New Year and New You

Renew and Relax!Planet Beach, the first and only fully-automated spa, is ringing in the New Year with relaxing and soothing treatments that will rejuvenate and invigorate your mind and body, while helping you achieve wellness goals. Patrons can start their resolutions for a renewed and re-energized new year with Planet Beach’s more than 20 push-button spa services and ultimate Detox Rocks Kit, for a healthy way to feel and look your best in 2014.


While the recent fads to reach detox goals have included unwholesome juice cleanses or extreme exercise that can take a harmful toll on the body, Planet Beach offers an innovative and healthy way to renew your body by pampering it and not stressing it. Planet Beach’s exclusive Detox Rocks Kit for the New Year includes the popular and effective Detoxify system, Body Contour Oil and a Disposable Sauna Suit, all for half off the regular price!

Unlike other damaging detoxes, Planet Beach’s Detoxify system is a 14 day program that utilizes over 20 natural herbs like fennel seed, green tea leaf extract, and licorice root, to assist the body in an internal cleansing process. The program is designed to help the body cleanse itself from toxins and wasteful materials and aiding in overcoming abnormal body conditions such as allergies, acne, arthritis, cellulite and obesity. Detoxify helps restore new energy to the entire body and purifies the blood stream, while regulating efficient waste removal. Detoxify also offers an energy boost by fighting bacteria, yeast, molds and parasites that make the body sluggish and tired.

            While the Planet Beach Detoxify system will work to restore the inside of the body, the Body Contour Oil will cleanse the outside. With a natural blend of essential oils, Body Contour Oil increases the lymphatic flow throughout the body and facilitates the purification of the tissues that are holding onto toxins that create the appearance of cellulite. By using the Body Contouring Oil skin tone and texture will be improved and unwanted cellulite will be reduced.  

            To experience a complete detoxification, Planet Beach spa goers can use their Disposable Sauna suit to enjoy a Sauna Pod or Sauna Capsule treatment that uses safe light therapy to soothe muscles, improve blood circulation and give an overall sense of wellness.   

Planet Beach’s sauna treatments even allow you sweat away unwanted calories for a slimmer you in the New Year.  

The New Year is the perfect time to renew the promise of becoming a new and improved you.  Planet Beach is excited to provide services and products to help anyone reach their skincare, body-care, and wellness goals. Apart from the Detox Rocks Kit and sauna services, Planet Beach fully automated spa treatments include over six types of massages, three types of facials, hydration treatments, teeth whitening, guided meditation, oxygen therapy, weight management treatments, and sunless tans.

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