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Shh…I’m Sleeping


Posted October 10, 2015


It’s Saturday. If you’re like me you like to sleep in a little later on the weekend mornings, but often wake up at your regular time anyway. Our bodies don’t always obey our mind’s wishes. Instead of getting the sleep we need and crave, we jerk awake and immediately think of all the items on our “to-do” list. As a society we are chronically tired. No one claims to get enough sleep or ever feel completely rested. Ultimately, this has to do with how busy and stressed we are. If we could turn our minds off, perhaps sleep would follow.

There’s also the muscle tension and aches that accompany busy, active people. When our bodies remain tense, good sleep is evasive. One of the recommendations from sleep experts is to get regular massages, especially if you’re active and have a stressful work life. Is that you? Yeah, me too.

Given that, our membership model is for you and me! Regular massages and facials without the exorbitant prices? Yes! Not to mention all our other spa services. Visit your local Planet Beach location and see for yourself. Becoming a member could give you better sleep, which leads to a better life – or your “best life”. Doesn’t that sound lovely?


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