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Relaxation: Find the Time. No Excuses.


Posted September 28, 2012

The kids are fighting, your husband can’t find his work suit, your casserole burned in the oven, and your boss is calling about a last minute project with a deadline of yesterday… Is it any wonder you can’t find a moment to relax?!

Well, you need to. No excuses.

October begins the Planet Beach Total Relaxation campaign. For many, the fourth quarter is a busy time full of holiday stress, school projects & exams, sports, school activities, work parties, etc. When things start to get hectic (and you know they will), you need to remember to take care of yourself and relax your mind, body and spirit.

We’re here to help you keep your sanity. Throughout the next three months, we will provide you with some great tips for staying stress free despite your crazy schedule. Make sure you “Like” our Facebook page because we’ll be posting helpful tips regularly!

Sit back and prepare yourself for Total Relaxation!

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