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Planet Beach 2013 Annual Convention Hosts Record Attendees


Posted February 26, 2013

Franchise launches new spa design, technologies and successful financing program.

Every year, Planet Beach Franchise Corporate holds its annual convention so franchisees can keep up with the latest trends in the spa, beauty and wellness industries.

Planet Beach Annual Convention

In January of this year, Planet Beach held it’s 12th convention and received raving reviews. Planet Beach franchisees, master franchisees and staff from around the world gathered in Las Vegas, NV for the largest and most important training and networking event of the year and he event did not disappoint with a record number of attendees! The entire Planet Beach team left the convention rejuvenated and determined to make 2013 the most successful to date.

This year’s convention theme was “Experience This!” which focused on the importance of providing utmost customer service and providing the latest in technology to our members and customers.

Everything we do as a franchise organization revolves around this very idea. So, over the past year, we’ve worked hard to develop new technologies, processes, tools and programs to streamline operations to ensure our franchisees can deliver this golden service promise.

The Convention kicked off with an address from our CEO, Stephen Smith on all the new and exciting things happening with our brand and our industry.  “2013 is going to be a very good year. Planet Beach is poised for growth unlike anything we’ve seen the last several years,” he said.

Planet Beach Expo Hall

The expo room opened for business soon after with samples of new state of the art equipment from our vendors, new marketing programs, new skincare products and most importantly a staged set-up of our brand new spa design.

The convention featured a variety of educational sessions to educate spa directors and franchisees on the emerging trends in the our industry as well as provide further training on managing their spa locations. In addition to attending educational classes, seminars, lectures, panel discussion, open forum discussions, etc.; franchisees had time to get to know each other through the Meet-and-Greets, Networking Receptions, Dinners, & Award Banquet/ Cover Model of the Year Show.  Attendees benefited by receiving the most training opportunities available over this fun-filled four-day period.

 “This year’s convention at “The Rio in Las Vegas” was an amazing learning experience.  Planet Beach is implementing so many new ideas that will be very beneficial to every location.  I especially loved the renovations that will take place inside each spa.  It will create a true “Spa Atmosphere”.  Bringing our staff to convention is always exciting and creates motivation.  Seeing the new products and services that will be available, and networking with other franchisees is always beneficial and great to take back new ideas to the spa.  The Planet Beach Convention is a “MUST GO TO” each year to stay on top of our GAME!” – Matt and Debbie Cross, NC0042

Cover Model of the Year, LauRen Merola

We, of course, ended the convention with a huge celebration on the final night honoring this year’s award recipients and voting on our Cover Model of the Year, LauRen Merola!

We owe a huge “thank you” to all of our franchisees, staff, vendors, and the Rio for making this year’s Convention such a huge success! It will be hard to top next year, but plans are already in the works to make it happen!

Other Testimonials:

“Convention was an awesome experience for me.  I’m glad I was able to meet the rest of the Planet Beach family and gain such valuable information from our fellow franchisees.  I’m anxious to apply all I’ve learned to our new location in Plantation, FL.”   – Christine Benjamin, FL0187

“I just wanted to give you a HUGE THANK YOU! The 2013 Planet Beach Convention was absolutely amazing! The Corporate Staff did a wonderful job of organizing every detail. My favorite part was the Town Hall Meeting. It was refreshing to be able to hear the voices of the different franchisees in a positive environment. The fact that Founder and CEO Steve Smith wants to know how I feel as a franchisee is empowering.I also loved the opportunity to connect with my fellow franchisees. I would recommend that every franchisee attends next years convention, you can’t afford not to!”   – Mandy Kunzweiler, Franchisee IL0007

“I toyed back and forth about going to convention….saying, “We cannot afford to go…” but simply…..We could not afford NOT to go!  So glad we went!!!

Convention was great!  An absolute must for any zee to reengage and adapt to be the best!  It was such a great learning experience for my husband and I!  What you learn truly enables you to operate your spa successfully in all aspects!!  It was like a blown out business plan balled up into a few days of classes, but much much less headaches and restless nights of writing and researching, but instead, networking with those whom have the same goal in mind – Planet Beach success!  It is amazing to see all of us come together and thrive for the same thing!

A wise man said….”Procrastination is the sworn enemy of Achievement!”  The entire PBFC staff is ahead of the game and wants to ensure we all are as well!  They did yet another wonderful job and should all be very proud!”  – Jenny & Travis Batiste, Franchisees LA0051 


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