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Look and Feel Your Best This Halloween


Posted November 5, 2016

Am I the only one who feels like the entire month of October flew by? My friends and I were chatting the other day and all agreed that Halloween snuck up on us! Pun intended. With the busy lifestyles we live today, it’s sometimes hard to prepare in advance for any upcoming special events. I may not have my costume ready or finalized plans for Halloween night, but one thing’s for sure- I’ve already scheduled appointments for my two favorite Planet Beach services that are guaranteed to make me look and feel my best!

Here’s the two services I highly recommend adding to your beauty routine before Halloween night and any other special occasion…

Spray Tan
It’s no secret that Halloween has become the hall pass for wearing scandalous outfits in public. I’m not saying that I plan to wear a sexy nurse costume this year, but if I’m standing next to someone who is, I do want to make sure my skin looks as best as it possibly can! Planet Beach’s spray tans always give my skin that beautiful bronzed glow I love, but I find it makes me feel more confident too. Added bonus!

Teeth Whitening
Busy lifestyle = Starbucks addiction, at least for me. While a Pumpkin Spice Latte might get me through work on Monday, I don’t want coffee stains on my teeth as a reminder of the long meeting I sat through distracted by thoughts of a fun night ahead. In just 45 minutes or less, a Teeth Whitening treatment at Planet Beach always has my teeth looking noticeably brighter. You’ll leave much more relaxed sitting in one of the automated massage chairs during the Teeth Whitening treatment. Another added bonus!

Speaking of Starbucks addiction, how convenient is their mobile app? Did you know Planet Beach has a mobile app too? Do yourself a favor and download it on your phone today. The Planet Beach Mobile App makes booking your appointments so easy, it’s scary!

Happy Halloween!

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