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Posted January 15, 2016

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Written by: Stephen Smith, Planet Beach CEO

Everyone knows that hot yoga continues to increase in popularity every year. So, why is it so popular?  Why exercise in the heat?If you read my article in last weeks post, “Next Level Performance”, I told my story of how Hot Box Detox Isometrics has elevated my snow skiing skill.  I know that hot exercise works.

According to Men’s Fitness Magazine, “Hot-weather training may even eclipse high-altitude training when it comes to improving your performance.”  The article goes on to say,“There’s some science behind how heat can help improve fitness levels: Researchers from the University of Oregon tracked the performance of 12 very high-level cyclists (10 male, two female) over a 10-day training period (with two days off in the middle) in 100-degree heat.  Another control group did the exact same exercise regimen in a much more comfortable, 55-degree room. Both groups worked in 30 percent humidity. Researchers discovered that the cyclists who worked through the heat improved their performance by 7 percent (a very noticeable and significant amount in cycling), while the control group did not show any improvement. What surprised researchers most was that the experimental group not only showed that they had achieved a level of heat acclimation, but the training also helped them to function better in cooler environments.”         source:

Be sure to hydrate when you practice any form of hot exercise.  In the Hot Box Detox program we recommend at least 12 oz. during a 30 minute isometric session.  The more you hydrate, the more you sweat and detox your body!  One of the main benefits of infrared heat exercise is the improved workout recovery time.  I am amazed at how quickly I now recover from intense exercise due to my 1 to 2 Hot Box Detox sessions per week!

Try hot exercise!!

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