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Posted March 4, 2016

// The business of muscle compression is a huge industry today.  We all know that Under Armour brought it to the current level of popularity with their workout compression clothing.  What is the big deal?  Well…muscle compression works!  What does it do exactly, though?

“When compression garments are worn during and after heavy exercise, they appear to reduce muscle soreness,” says Jessica Hill, M.S.c., a U.K.-based exercise scientist who authored a 2013 review on the topic, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

One study “concluded that people who wear compression garments after their exercise sessions experience less soreness and faster muscle recovery than people who rock a more traditional gym outfit, like a t-shirt and shorts.”

Muscle compression combined with isometric postures accelerates blood flow while decreasing the amount of fluid build up resulting in less inflammation and soreness.  Of course, this allows you to spend more time with weight training, plyometrics, running or whatever activity is your fitness passion.  When you practice isometrics with muscle compression inside of the Hot Box Detox at 120-125 degrees fahrenheit then you will see extreme results from muscle compression.

Use of a Core Compressor around the waist for yoga style isometrics is a great way to restrict the core area for increased blood flow and detoxification.  When you twist and compress your internal organs it’s as if you are wringing out your body like squeezing water from a sponge.

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The use of compression gear will continue to gain popularity because of the increased level of performance it affords to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  According to, “the rising popularity of compression wear has been reflected in strong sales growth, especially since the early 2000s. Moreover, this growth is set to continue for the foreseeable future as demand increases and new product innovations are introduced. – See more at:

Try compression gear with hot exercise!  The Hot Box Detox provides the perfect environment for a small group of three people to experience isometrics with infrared heat. 

For more information about where to find a Hot Box Detox location or on how to purchase units for your business click here.


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