Hot Box Detox: Debunking a Calorie Myth!


Posted August 31, 2015

Hey guys.  Have you ever heard, or have you ever thought that once you leave a sauna session and drink fluids you simply gain back what you lost.  Of course you have!  Everyone has been a victim of this myth.  The truth is that the calories that you burn in the Hot Box Detox are gone for good if you rehydrate with zero calorie beverages.  Of course water is the preferred beverage for rehydration.

In a Hot Box Detox infrared sauna with the 14 posture isometric sequence you will sweat well beyond that of the normal 30 minute sauna session.  I find that in the middle of the upper body compression postures (about half way through the 30 minute program) you can literally hear the sweat dropping from your body!  You are sweating due to the 120 degrees from the infrared sauna heat as well as the body heat generated from the isometrics.

As you increase your level of conditioning with the Hot Box sessions, you will need to find ways to increase your intensity as you improve your sauna performance.  The virtual instructor prompts you and shows you how to modify the isometrics up or down as needed.  The goal is to make progress in each session over the previous session.

It is important to remember “…the fitter you are, the less you probably sweat. ‘As your body becomes more conditioned, it takes more “intensity” to increase your core body temperature and produce sweat,’ she says.”  source:  Women’s Health Magazine  PUBLISHED: DECEMBER 20, 2013  |  BY K. ALEISHA FETTERS

Sweating and heating forces your body to exert more energy.  The combination of the infrared heat penetration and isometric muscle compression increases your circulation and oxygen consumption causing you to burn more calories while you SWEAT! 



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