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Friday Night Recharge


Posted October 16, 2015


Friday! We made it. If you’re anything like me it feels like the week rushed by, and yet you feel every one of your busy minutes by the time Friday comes around.

How do you recharge? Are you a turn the phone off and watch a movie type of Friday night girl? Perhaps you like to end your week with a hard workout before taking a bubble bath? Or, do you live for Friday nights out with friends, throwing back a couple of drinks while dancing into the late hours? Maybe you crave a quiet night with friends at your favorite bistro?

Regardless of how you spend your Friday night, don’t forget to come by here first and use one of our spa services. Whether you go out or stay in, a facial will make you look and feel good.

Tell us how you rejuvenate. #FridayNightRituals #bestyou #Indulge #Rejuvenate

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