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Discover Infrared Heat- Hot Box Detox is now HOTWORX


Posted January 28, 2016

Written by: Stephen Smith, Planet Beach CEO

Infrared heat provides a much better environment for a sauna than traditional heat for a variety of reasons.  Traditional heat that is generated from “old school” heaters merely heats the air and then the air heats the skin.  This is a very inefficient way to benefit from heat therapy.  Traditional sauna heat is not absorbed into the skin as readily as infrared heat.  Infrared heat is the same as the heat that is generated from the sun.  It stands to reason that if you want to practice hot exercise, then you want to benefit from heat in the most efficient manner by using an environment like the one that the Hot Box Detox (HBX) sauna provides.

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If you are a student of “Systems Thinking” as I am, then you will buy into the fact that the best solutions to problems are discovered through observations in nature.  Infrared heat was  discovered in the early 19th century by Sir Frederick William Herschel (1738-1822) a German born musician and astronomer who moved to England in 1757.

“He wanted to know how much heat was passed through the different colored filters he used to observe sunlight. He noted that filters of different colors seemed to pass different amounts of heat. Herschel thought that the colors themselves might be of varying temperatures, so he devised a clever experiment to investigate his hypothesis.

He directed sunlight through a glass prism to create a spectrum… Herschel decided to measure the temperature just beyond the red portion of the spectrum in a region where no sunlight was visible. To his surprise, he found that this region had the highest temperature of all.”

In that moment infrared heat was discovered!  It has taken a couple of centuries for man to apply this discovery for practical uses.  One of those uses in the modern world is the infrared sauna… and, now we have hot exercise through the use of Hot Box Detox, a patent pending, first ever fusion of infrared heat and isometrics.

Many celebrities have recently discovered the magical benefits of infrared sauna sessions including Jennifer Anniston.  It is just a matter of time until everyone begins to use infrared saunas for their workouts as well.   

The Hot Box Detox (HBX) sauna provides an environment for three clients to practice a 30 minute 14 posture, full-body isometric sequence exposed to infrared heat set at 120 degrees while guided by a virtual instructor.  Spas and Health Clubs are now discovering the benefits that the HBX sauna can provide to their members.  One spa added two HBX saunas and immediately experienced a 40% jump in same store sales.

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