Be Good to Your Skin


Posted August 8, 2016

Did you know that the largest organ on the human body is the skin?  In our youth, we take the integrity of our skin for granted. As a kid I remember my neighborhood pack. We would spend our summer days outside… swimming, biking, playing tennis, playing football in the rain, then washing with harsh soaps to clean the days grit. Never did any of us touch a bottle of lotion.

Forward, many years later, I still do spend a lot of time outdoors but have a very hard time staying moisturized. Some lotions are too greasy, some are too fragrant and some just don’t work.  I was recently introduced to Infuse. Not only does Infuse hydrate and nourish but it also detoxifies the skin. This ultimate lotion also provides the body with important anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits.

For those men and ladies that are conscious of their skin tone, Infuse also may increase melanin production which is the pigment responsible for tanning. If you are a UV enthusiast, Infuse will also help activate UV therapy lotions and enhance the results.

Infuse is a no brainer!


Written by Alison Pitre, Marketing Director

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