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Are You Ready For Your Close-up?


Posted October 8, 2015


Are you a singleton looking for “Mr. Right”? If you are, most likely you’re on a dating site. Regardless of the pros and cons of meeting someone online, it’s the way many of us find one another. And it’s a numbers game! The more coffee dates we go on, the more likely we are to find someone. Whether it’s Tinder, EHarmony,, or any of the myriad of sites, we have to have great photographs. Men are visual. Notwithstanding if we appreciate that quality or not, it’s just a fact. They do judge a book by its cover. From what I hear from my male friends, the more photographs the better, including ones that show your smile and your curves.

I have several friends who refuse to smile in photographs because they’re afraid their teeth aren’t white enough. I blame all the coffee dates we have to endure while weeding through the toads to find our prince. Fortunately for our members, teeth whitening is one of the products we offer anytime. The best part is, like all our offerings, you can take care of it yourself without the need for a technician.

Now that’s something to smile about!

But back to online dating…does anyone have a story to share? Either good or bad? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

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