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4 Easy Ways to Go from Cranky to Relaxed


Posted October 12, 2012

The stress of today’s world can make relaxation seem unattainable. But there’s really no reason why you should let stress take over your life. If you are aware of how to cope with it by using relaxation techniques, you will be more productive (and a lot less cranky).

Relaxing mentally, physically and emotionally is not something people automatically know how to do. It is a skill that must be learned and practiced…often.

Here are just a few ways you can reduce stress:


The way you breathe affects your whole body. Deep breathing is not only relaxing, but it has been scientifically proven to affect your heart, brain and immune system.  Breathe slowly and regularly. Inhale feeling your entire belly, sides and lower back expand. Exhale sighing as you drop your chest. Repeat this 10 times, relaxing more each time.


Believe it or not, music can have a profound effect on you physically, although you might not even realize it. How many times have you played a song on repeat to help get you through that hard workout? Aside from energizing you, music can help you relax. Soothing music decreases your heart rate and provides distraction from external tension. So next time you’re stressed, listen to a Pure Moods track on your ipod.


Green tea contains an amino acid called Theanine, which is proven to reduce mental and physical stress and promote feelings of relaxation. When Theanine is taken in conjunction with low levels of caffeine such as those found in tea, Theanine actually improves your mood.


Getting a massage regularly is one of the most effective methods of combatting stress. For some people, getting a massage by a therapist is actually MORE stressful than helpful. That’s where we come in… Our massages at Planet Beach are all fully automated so it takes away that awkwardness. You’re all alone in your room with no distractions.

Try these four techniques and I know you will see a world of difference in your life. Don’t let the everyday stress of the world weigh you down. Learn to let go of the worry and anxiety. Just breathe.

 “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”  – Sydney J. Harris


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