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Posted December 1, 2011

Nevada franchise owner likes affordable day spa concept

Steve Keifer

Ever since the ink dried on Steve Keifer’s deal with Planet Beach Contempo Spa in October 2007, he fully committed himself to the growth of his business based on his belief in the franchisor’s business model. He worked closely with Planet Beach to secure the best location for his targeted demographics, and today he has two locations, in Las Vegas and Green Valley, Nevada ? which is the location where he first became a member.

“The first Planet Beach I ever walked into, I now own,” he says. “I bought it this past January and it came full circle.” Here he talks about why now is the right time to get into the Planet Beach Contempo Spa business.

Planet Beach: What was your background?
Steve Keifer: My background was and is construction.

PB: How did you get involved with Planet Beach?
SK: I was an outside rep for a company near San Diego. One of the guys I was working with, a contractor in Santa Cruz, was staining floors and counters for tanning salons. I helped him devise that application.

Over the next two years a guy in that area opened three tanning salons. I had some money I wanted to put to work so I started looking into tanning salons. In researching tanning salons I ran across Planet Beach. I liked the concept and though it was much more stable and long term than just offering tanning. And so the process began and my due diligence included research and calling other franchisees to see what they thought. And now, here I am with two of them.

PB: What have you liked best about Planet Beach?
SK: The results that we see. People spray tan and that is all fine and good, but the results from the Hydration Station, from the Slim Capsule, from the sauna and all the services are amazing if you get on a regimen and stick to it.

We have people who come to us from other tanning salons, who have worked at a Palm Beach Tan or Body Heat or some of the bigger names here, and they are just blown away by how much knowledge we have of our products and services. That’s thanks to the training Planet Beach provides. We have people who swear by what we have. They can’t go a day without Planet Beach so it is exciting to see that.

PB: What is the best way for you to get people in the door?
SK: We have what is called the “Business of the Week.” Every week we promote one or two of our members’ businesses, where everyone in their office can come in and try the services for free anytime that week. It exposes people to us, and we are using our member’s network, really using them to work for us and inviting other people to the spa.

In the summer, in this type of business, that strategy has kept us on an even keel during a season when a lot of other spas basically lose membership. We have kept it pretty steady. The biggest thing for us is networking our members, and then if people sign up we tack on a free month at the end of their membership. We also do member appreciation parties and raffle off gift baskets with products in them.

With our Ambassador program, if five people you refer sign up, you get a free year, and if 10 people sign up you get a free lifetime membership, so we track that as well. We also do spa parties. We will shut down earlier on a Sunday, for example, for spa party participants to come in and experience us.

PB: Why would you recommend Planet Beach Contempo Spa to a potential franchisee?
SK: It is almost a recession-proof business because everybody likes to be pampered, and all of the other things that go along with that – the weight loss, the facials, the skin care we have. And it is affordable. If I go to a spa and get a hot stone massage for 90 minutes, it is $200 not including a tip – there is not value there. It is a special treat. With Planet Beach you can go every day of the week, relax, renew and glow for $1 or $3 a day. It is a great business model.

It is also a niche business. Other companies do some of the things that we do, but we have many, many services plus products for your face and skin. Once you start using them and see the wonderful effects, you will realize they work tremendously.

Competitors would take at least five years to get where we are now, and we would be that much further along. Planet Beach keeps evolving. It is a good, recession-proof business that even in these times is still improving.

PB: How do you spend your free time?
SK: I have an 8-year-old son and I coach his soccer team. I also like to fish and hunt and do a little bit of travel.

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