Get Ready to Party!

Get Ready to Party!


Posted November 26, 2017

Each month, Planet Beach institutes a special day to show their Members how much they truly appreciate them. During my tenure with Planet Beach, this tradition has held true every single month. This special day has been coined MAP, short for Member Appreciation Party. Each franchise location shows their love by rolling out the red carpet and treating their members like royalty! It’s the one day of the month where members flood into the spa to enjoy one of the many relaxing spa services, mingle with fellow members or simply indulge in the complimentary food and beverages provided.

MAP is consistently celebrated on the last Thursday of the month. This year, the timing is perfect as we transition to the Christmas season. There is no better way to relax and unwind after consuming thousands of calories and fighting the crowds to take advantage of the Black Friday specials. Two of my favorite spa services that I recommend during MAP are the following:


There is no better way to detoxify, tighten and tone your body than with the HOTWORX infrared sauna workout.   I frequent this service at least three times per week, but I plan to increase my number of workouts following Thanksgiving. I do HOT Warrior on days that I need the extra calorie burn and HOT Yoga on days when I need the extra stretching after a strenuous workout the evening prior.


It’s starting to cool off and the Vitamin D that I receive from moderate exposure to UV elevates my mood and gives me a little added glow. Just the right exposure boosts my level of serotonin and makes me feel calm and focused.

Visit your local Planet Beach on Thursday, November 30th to partake in the MAP celebration. Many locations offer amazing specials such as 20% off retail and $1 enrollment on memberships. Please keep in mind that services and special discounts will vary per location, so visit to find out the available offers near you. When calling the spa, make sure you make an appointment for a friend as well. The only thing better than rejuvenating with Planet Beach is doing so with a friend.

Happy Member Appreciation Day from Planet Beach!

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity

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