2021 HOTWORX & Planet Beach Guest Speaker Announcement – Rachel Bradshaw


Posted April 12, 2021

The planning is well underway for the HOTWORX & Planet Beach annual Convention slated for July 19-21 at the beautiful La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio, TX. In the previous blog post, we announced professional surfer, author & motivational speaker, Bethany Hamilton, as the keynote speaker for this year’s live event. The speaker list is heating up and we are excited to announce that award-winning singer, song writer and entertainer, Rachel Bradshaw, will commence this year’s event by singing the National Anthem. Additionally, Rachel will serve as a guest speaker in a Q&A style interview designed to understand the interests and characteristics of the company’s target demographic.

Identifying your company’s target demographic is essential for developing effective marketing strategies that will resonate with the target consumer and ultimately drive them into your business. The target demographic for HOTWORX & Planet Beach has been identified as an employed 30-year old female, inherently nicknamed, Eileen.

HOTWORX & Planet Beach are both lifestyle brands, encompassing beauty, wellness and fitness and we strive to attract those that are aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle. Eileen represents the specific target audience that will be attracted to and ultimately commit to a lifestyle brand. Therefore, every marketing message is centered around the desires of Eileen, which was inspired by Jeff Bezos’ philosophy of always leaving an open seat at the executive round table for the customer, “the most important person in the room.” Eileen is and will always remain at the forefront of every marketing decision made within the company.

We are thrilled to have Rachel Bradshaw as our Eileen at the upcoming Convention!

Rachel Bradshaw is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and entertainment personality. Growing up in West Lake, Texas, Rachel was taught the value of competition and hard work at a young age from her father, NFL Legend turned TV Host, Terry Bradshaw. A guitar player himself, Terry introduced Rachel to music through their now favorite tune, “Crazy,” by Patsy Cline – a song they would always make time to sing together between the football games or TV appearances that highlighted her childhood. After graduating from Nashville’s Belmont University, Rachel was quickly signed as a solo Country Artist and songwriter. Gaining national attention equally as a songwriter and solo Artist, Rachel co-wrote the #1 and RIAA Certified Gold Country single “What Do You Want” with Jerrod Niemann, and played on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Life’s experiences led to Bradshaw’s musical tastes developing from her straight-ahead Country roots, to incorporate more eclectic and diverse sounds. Spending the Pandemic quarantined with her family outside Dallas, the time away from Nashville’s music industry allowed Rachel to write her most authentic music yet. Her upcoming project will feature six songs written solely by Bradshaw – diving into all aspects of love and relationships.

“The collection of music that I wrote embodies a whimsical blend of some of my favorite songs and Artists that I have always been inspired by,” Bradshaw explains. “I write about love, and I write about tragedy. It all blends together to become a storyline that reflects my journey in life, to get to where I am now.” Rachel plays piano on the record, which will also feature a duet with friend and Grammy Nominated Country Artist, Jamey Johnson. The inspired new music holds no shortage of feel-good vibes and sonically produced ear candy. Her lived-in lyrical delivery is matched with textured, experienced vocals that bring to the songs an airiness reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, The Lumineers, Fleetwood Mac, and Coldplay.

Along with her new record set to release in the Fall of 2021, Rachel and her family have been featured on The Bradshaw Bunch, which was E!’s highest rated new series in four years! Season One showcased the heart-warming, yet comedic sides of the Bradshaws, highlighted by Rachel’s return to releasing music. Her lead single, “Wild Horse,” released to rave reviews and Editorial Playlisting ads from Apple Music & Spotify, and her second single, “Aphrodite,” was featured with an on-air performance in The Bradshaw Bunch’s Season One Finale. Season Two is currently filming in Hawaii, Texas, and Nashville, and dives deeper into the multi-faceted talents of each Bradshaw family member. Season Two highlights Rachel’s authentic passion for HOTWORX, where she is filmed with Founder & CEO, Stephen P. Smith. Expect The Bradshaw Bunch Season Two to premiere in August of 2021, immediately following The Summer Olympics!

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity

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