The Krewe of House Floats


Posted January 31, 2021

The Krewe of House Floats (KoHF) is a socially-distant Mardi Gras krewe founded under the belief that if we cannot safely gather together on the parade route in 2021, then we can bring the spirit of the parades home to celebrate the Carnival season in a pandemic-safe manner that supports our friends, neighbors, local culture-bearers and locally owned businesses.

In a city that doesn’t let anything rain on its parade, the new Krewe of House Floats will roll forward with its plans for a safe alternative to the traditional 2021 Carnival season due to the cancellation of parades caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Created by New Orleans resident Megan Boudreaux, the Krewe of House Floats began as an idea posted to social media and rapidly grew into an organization with more than 7,500 members.

“It started off as a Twitter joke and now everyone wants to participate,” said Boudreaux. “We look forward to this not only being a way for people to safely celebrate Carnival season, but also as an opportunity to help our city’s culture bearers.”

The volunteers and subkrewes comprising the Krewe of House Floats have spent countless hours planning, structuring the organization, consulting with city officials, brainstorming ways to help local artisans, and working on an official Krewe of House Floats map where carnival-goers can view participating houses, which will be decorated with the traditional flair of the city’s beloved floats.

The decoration of house floats began on King’s Day (Jan. 6, 2021), the official start of Carnival season. Nearly 40 neighborhood subkrewes have formed throughout the greater New Orleans region, including Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Bernard and Terrebonne parishes. There is even a subkrewe for NOLA expats in other states who, unable to return home for Carnival season festivities, will be celebrating with house floats from afar.

Throughout Carnival season, which culminates with Mardi Gras Day on Feb. 16, the Krewe of House Floats will channel donations to organizations around the city who support those most affected by the cancellation of parades, including but not limited to local artists, float builders and other culture bearers.

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Written By: Paige Stuart, Planet Beach Brand Manager and Franchisee

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