The Vibe is Everything


Posted October 31, 2021

The word vibe attested in 1967 as an abbreviated form of vibration in the 1960’ slang sense of “instinctive feeling.” You can instantly feel a vibe from the moment you walk into an establishment or meet a person for the first time. There is nothing better than that overwhelming intuitive feeling that you are in the right place or hanging with the right people. There have been countless times where I’ve walked into a hotel, restaurant, or business and just loved the atmosphere, aesthetics and music and said out loud, “I love the vibe here.” The same applies with people. Sometimes, the connection with another person is instantaneous and you know without a doubt that they are your people. Just as the saying goes, your vibe attracts your tribe and the energy you put out in the world directly reflects on the energies you receive.

The culture of a company or the character of a person ultimately translates to the overall vibe and experience. Forbes shared these stats on the value of the customer experience:

• 96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

• Companies that provide an emotional connection with customers outperform the sales growth of their competitors by 85%.

• 80% of customers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.

• 69% of U.S. consumers shop more with brands that offer consistent experiences in store and online.

• Companies with a customer experience mindset drive revenue 4-8% higher than the rest of their industries.

It’s safe to say that businesses that provide an exceptional and consistent customer experience are winning! Additionally, these winning businesses have mastered the ability to emotionally connect with their customers. Planet Beach has excelled in this arena by providing an alternative and inspiring atmosphere where members can relax and rejuvenate in the many automated services. At the push of a button, members enjoy a private spa experience without the need of an attendant. Through the services of a Sunless Spray Tan, Automated Massage or a HOTWORX session, our members feel rejuvenated and beautiful. Get an instant glow, detox and sculpt the body or relax and escape with an automated massage. Planet Beach is more than a business, it’s a lifestyle and to our lifetime members, a home away from home. The vibe is everything and you’ll feel it the instant you walk through the door at Planet Beach.


Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity

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