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Top 5 Essential Oils that are a Must Have


Posted February 6, 2016


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Whether you are a novice or a seasoned essential oil user, you know that it is impossible to go anywhere and not see “essential oil” on something. Yes, they smell fantastic when you use them in a diffuser or when you burn them in a candle but there is a lot more to these gifts from Mother Nature. I can tell you my experiences with them, now keep in mind I am not a medical professional, this is just what I have discovered on my own after using them for years.

First I would like to start with my top 2 favorites, Essential oil of Peppermint and Eucalyptus. The scent is intoxicating to me. When used in a diffuser or even when I burn an Essential oil candle it energizes me and helps me concentrate. It also opens my airways when I have a cold. I simply can’t live without these two.

Tea Tree is also a great oil to use on scrapes and skin irritations. I mix it with coconut oil and it seems to heal anything for me. I also like to put a couple of drops in my dog’s bath water when they start scratching; it also makes them smell good.

Of course we all know about Lavender and it’s calming abilities, but have you ever used it with lemon oil? OMG! The Lavender Lemon combination is a very clean floral scent.

Look for my blog next week and I will share the top 5 essential oil recipes and there benefits that we like to use at the Planet Beach Corporate Office.

Written by: Alison Pitre, Marketing Director

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