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History of Spa


Posted May 16, 2016


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Standard belief is that the spa dates back to the Roman era. Troopers, fatigued by wars, would take to hot natural spring water treatment to cure their wounds, aide sore muscles and promote rejuvenation.

The Roman town’s people, as a means of socializing and relaxing, would use these natural spring water treatments, also known as baths. These baths were usually enlivened by the sound of musical instruments.

These baths were named Sanus per Aquam, which means health by or through water. SPA is an acronym of this term.

Today’s spa is a combination of modern mechanical wonders and ancient traditions. At the heart of the modern spa, you will find water, heat and relaxation, as it was in the beginning.

Now, if you are interested in the “unique” spa treatment you need to check this article out. It includes an Israeli snake massage, a beer bath in Prague, Japanese bird poop facial and a flesh eating fish foot massage.

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The experience will leave you wanting more!


Written by: Alison Pitre, Director of Marketing



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