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Heat Waves…Infrared v Convection-Hot Box Detox is now HOTWORX


Posted February 25, 2016

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We have all heard the term “radiant heat”. Heat from the sun is radiant. Radiant is used to describe anything that glows from warmth. Radiant is a very positive word.

Radiant heat is energy and is absorbed readily by human skin. Infrared heat is radiant and travels in waves…Heat Waves! When you experience a session in an infrared sauna you will notice that the environment feels almost the same as the heat that you feel on a very sunny and hot day at the beach. I like to tell people who are thinking about trying the Hot Box Detox (HBX) for the first time that if they can imagine a sunny day in July in Las Vegas, then that is how it feels. It’s hot, but not humid and unbearable. This is one reason why it is best to use an infrared sauna versus a traditional sauna.

In a traditional sauna, it is very difficult to breathe at times because the heat is not radiant like the sun. Rather, it is convection heat, or simply hot air made that way by traditional heaters that heat the room air rather than your body. The traditional sauna causes you to sweat because the air is hot. Infrared heat causes sweat because the body is absorbing radiant heat and is not just being heated externally.

If you want to try hot exercise you should always consider the heat source. Most hot yoga studios simply heat the room with traditional heaters from the HV/AC unit or standard space heaters. It is much more comfortable and beneficial to perform hot exercise in infrared heat versus the old school convection heated air. Why not benefit from the healing properties of infrared while you’re working out!? Leave the convection heat behind and opt for infrared when it is available to you.


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