Why Put Off Feeling Good About Yourself?

Are you tired of spending money on ineffective weight loss products? Looking for a weight loss treatment that actually works? 

SaunaBot by Planet Beach


Step into the SaunaBot!

This innovative upright pod offers as an exclusive 3 types of oxygenation and detoxification features not available anywhere. By using Far Infrared Rays, a form of electromagnetic light energy from the sun and a form of oxygenation, the SaunaBot heats from within and can help soften and dissolve fat to aid in slimming.

Far Infrared Red Rays can burn up to 700 calories per ½ hour. It also assists in circulation and promotes faster metabolism. When used with PB slimming products it intensifies the results! Try pairing a SaunaBot session with our pbHEAT product to aid in further detoxification and weight loss.

In addition, The Planet Beach Slim & Smooth program also offers variety of holistic and natural products to bring your spa and weight-loss regimen home. Streamlining the figure, reducing cellulite and eliminating inches, Planet Beach’s fast-acting Slim Body Wrap Kit works to cleanse the body’s liquid waste system and break down toxins. By removing the waste materials trapped in the connective tissues of the body, the Slim Wrap Kit will help you lose 4-14 inches over the entire body with each wrap.

To further enhance you weight-loss results, Planet Beach has developed a line of BODY skincare products including exfoliators, creams, lotions, moisturizers, and oils that help cleanse, tighten, and soften skin. Planet Beach’s BODY products have a special blend of natural ingredients that aid in the regeneration of new skin cells, leaving the body looking fresh and beautiful.

Why put off feeling good? Check your local Planet Beach for a SaunaBot session or a Slim and Smooth Program today!

Paige Davila - Paige Davila is the Public Relations and Cover Model Manager at Planet Beach Franchising Corporation. Ms. Davila has been in the Marketing industry for four years and has developed a comprehensive understanding of Public Relations and Marketing through various traditional, online and grassroots methods. She is a graduate of the University of New Orleans where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Marketing.

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