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3 Favorite Planet Beach Products

You know that afternoon slump that requires coffee or an energy drink? Well, the only real cure is PB Clean energy. It is by far one of the most popular Planet Beach products, by consumers and employees. Adding a pack to your water bottle is a “pick me up” that you can feel good about. Aside from energy, you also get these added benefits.

  • Can aid in fat loss
  • Can aid in proper muscle function
  • May assist in skin cell regeneration
  • Can help mood regulation
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar


Our next favorite product is the Wyx Tea Tree Melon Spa Spray. It smells amazing! We use it as perfume and as an air freshener for our home and office spaces. It’s perfect to use during a Hot Box Detox session or any workout.

Last but definitely not least, we love Strawberry Indulge for breakfast. It’s packed with protein and vitamins and keeps us going all the way to lunchtime. It mixes great with vanilla almond milk…you have to try it.


Written by: Alison Pitre, Marketing Director

Alison Pitre -

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