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Posted September 8, 2011

Teeth whitening service is in high demand at Planet Beach Contempo Spas

Study after study shows it — when people look at us, the first thing they notice is our smile — and sometimes our eyes. Smiling is healthy and often makes us less stressed, more attractive and can even help us live longer.

Smiles are contagious and smiling is the human expression that connects us. Bright, white teeth give us confidence – and Planet Beach Contempo Spa owners return customers.

Who doesn’t like to smile? People are insecure about the color of their teeth. Yellowed teeth have become a social stigma and people worried about their teeth often feel less attractive and have higher stress levels.

Although teeth whitening has been around for several years, new products are making it a trend among men and women of every age. Most consumers choose between inexpensive and often less effective over-the-counter teeth whitening or expensive cosmetic dentistry. Day spas are now offering professional teeth whitening that offers the results of expensive dental work at a fraction of the price, and Planet Beach Contempo Spas meets this growing trend with the Whiter Image Teeth Whitening system.

With Whiter Image, customers can whiten their teeth by four to six shades in just one session. The system uses premium grade LED lights, peroxide and heat, and the process carries no medical risks or side effects. Access to Whiter Image service is part of Contempo Spa’s affordable monthly membership fee and is scheduled by appointment.

Teeth whitening is fast becoming a standard day spa treatment and Planet Beach Contempo Spas are well positioned to take advantage of the growth in demand. People want to look — and feel — their best.

This is only one of the many health and wellness services available at our spas.

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