The Glow Series: The Glow Cocktail

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Posted March 4, 2019

We all want to achieve that healthy glow. The problem most of us have is knowing exactly how and where to start. Whether you prefer UV-Therapy, Sunless Spray Tans, or a cocktail of both, Planet Beach has got you covered! In this 3-part series, I will walk you through the best practices of all 3 options!

Here we are. The 3rd and final blog of the glow series, and my favorite of all the glow options:  The Glow Cocktail. We’ve talked about the dos and don’ts of both UV and Sunless Spray tanning, so now you’re a pro in both arenas, but how do you choose whether to get in the beds or get sprayed? I’ve got news for you. You don’t have to! The Glow Cocktail is known as a combination of a UV session followed immediately by a sunless session, and it will actually result in the best color! Why? The tanning bed uses UV rays to trigger melanin production, while opening up your pores and allowing the sunless spray solution to penetrate your skin. This produces an even darker, deeper and longer-lasting tan!

Who says you need to stop there? Some of the best cocktails are made with more than just 2 ingredients, right? We have other services to assist you in looking and feeling your best while keeping that golden glow! Like we discussed in the first blog of the series: One being Hydro-Derma Fusion. This is a 20-minute, skin conditioning system that can be paired with UV, Sunless sprays, or other spa services to enhance results. It infuses your skin with revitalizing moisture aromatherapy. Infrared heat and steam ensure longer-lasting results! Another service you shouldn’t go without is Red light therapy. Since the red-light therapy brings blood to the surface of your skin it produces a better tan through increased oxidation of melanin not to mention the increased production of collegian and elastin for more even, youthful skin tone!

Your “cocktail” is not complete without the appropriate product pairings! Don’t forget to exfoliate prior to coming in with one of Planet Beach’s amazing exfoliators like Buff or Scrub. Bring in your indoor UV lotion to apply prior to jumping in that bed or booth and use your sunless primer or booster before your spray to pH balance your skin & extend that sunless bronzer, and lastly of course put on your PB Renew to enhance those red-light therapy results by 10x! Keeping your skin moisturized afterwards is just as important, so make sure you’re using Planet Beach’s Infuse moisturizer daily.

Spring is approaching! No time to waste! Check out what service options your local Planet Beach has to offer HERE, and mix and match to create your perfect “cocktail!”

Written By: Paige Stuart, Planet Beach Brand Manager & Franchisee

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