Maintain A Polished Look For A Fraction Of The Cost!

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Posted November 14, 2014

Do you know how much money you’re spending on your appearance before you even get dressed in the morning? Everything from the moisturizer you slather on after coming out of the shower to your latest trip to the salon helps contribute to the massive amount of money that women spend each year on beauty products.

It adds up quickly, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to. You can maintain a polished look for a fraction of the cost. Reduce your beauty bill from thousands to hundreds by trying these Planet Beach premier products!

Planet Beach Face MIST VS Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray $15 vs. $30

Botanical extracts and Aloe Vera are combined in a spritz formula to enliven the skin while softening the appearance of facial lines. Use throughout the day to refresh and revitalize and over makeup to set color. MIST also works wonders on bug bites and other skin aliments, as it helps to alleviate irritation, inflammation and redness. For HALF the price of Urban Decay, MIST is a must have in your makeup bag!

Planet Beach REPAIR VS NUDE Skincare Treatment Oil $36 vs. $78

The ultimate oil for delicate or ultra-dry skin, REPAIR combines rich nutrient oils with bee pollen and carrying agents to be absorbed quickly without clogging pores or feeling greasy. The use of bee pollen for skin rejuvenation has been found to offer effective protection against dehydration, smoothing wrinkles and stimulating blood flow to the cells. Sephora’s top Face oil retails for $79 and has similar ingredients, minus bee pollen, which is a MUST for anti-aging.

Planet Beach ENERGIZE Moisturizer VS Murad $42 vs. $63

The antioxidant benefits of vitamin C in topical products are well known, but because of an unstable nature, it can lose up to 90% of potency in the first 30 days, until now. Ester-C is a technological break-through, retaining its vitamin C activity for up to two years. Additionally, ENERGIZE Ester-C is effectively absorbed through the skin because of its unique skin penetrating properties. Essential C Moisturizer by Murad does not contain this necessary ingredient and retails for $63.

Planet Beach COLLAGEN MASKS $5 vs. Online products $20

Collagen is a type of protein that is produced naturally in skin and connective tissue, and it plays an instrumental role in keeping skin firm and giving it shape. It breaks down as you age, along with elastin, resulting in increasingly saggy and wrinkled skin. The PB COLLAGEN MASK, a type of cosmetic mask treatment offered in many spas, is designed to counteract this. 24K Pure Gold penetrates the skin, assists in increasing cellular processes and activates regeneration, helps to restore lost aging skin’s volume and works as an anti-inflammatory to decrease skin inflammation. The gold does come at a price, though. You can find them for $20 online or for a quarter of that price at your local Planet Beach!

pbRenew Body $49 VS   Medik8 Firewall $145

pbRenew Cellular Repair Treatment by Planet Beach revolutionizes your light therapy treatment with three innovative ingredients in one radically different full-body treatment. pbRenew is expertly formulated for rapid, dramatic improvement in skin tone and texture. This is the ultimate in light-activated skincare brought to you exclusively by the light-science experts at Planet Beach. Light-activated DNA Repair Enzymes relieve oxidative stress & reverse cellular damage to reduce the appearance of fine lines & aging. Proprietary Copper Peptides (Peptides are a chain of amino acids that help renew skins appearance) repair and nourish, remodeling collagen and elastin for firmer skin while reducing dark spots for balanced tone. One of the priciest items on the market today, Serums containing these precious peptides are upwards of $145! Don’t worry, because you can have all the copper peptides and more for $49 with pbRenew!

Planet Beach MICRO-DERMABRASION CREAM $35 VS Dr.Jart Micro-Dermabrasion skin exfoliator 78$


Micro-Dermabrasion is the process where the dead, outermost layer of skin is gently removed. Removing the outer layer helps skin heal faster and over a period of time, lessen the appearance of sun damage, scars and wrinkles. Planet Beach’s MICRO-DERMABRASION CREAM is a state-of-the-art resurfacing cream that removes dead skin cells from skin’s surface, evens skin tone, smooths and softens skin. It evens the skin’s tone and texture and leaves healthy and soft instantly. Use over time to remove surface imperfections, reduce fine lines, and improve skin’s texture. Yet again, the price for beauty is a steep one! Dr.Jart offers an  exfoliator at a whopping $78, almost double the price of Planet Beach’s Micro-Dermabrasion cream!

Do you own any of these high-end products?

I invite you to visit your local Planet Beach to try our amazing products. I know you will be sure to find them comparable, if not like them BETTER. I can bet your wallet will thank you later, too!

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