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Fit Friday – Apple or Pear Shaped Body Types


Posted October 2, 2015


Are you a Betty or Veronica? Ginger or Maryann? Apple or Pear shaped? The first two don’t really matter to us much, but understanding whether we are an Apple or a Pear may determine what type of diet we should choose for weight loss. There dozens of diets – everything from no carbs to vegan to the old-fashioned calorie reduction, all of which makes it hard for a girl to know what to do. That said, a new study suggests that body type indicates the type of weight-loss program we should choose and our friends over at are writing about it. Whether or not this current study is right or not, at Planet Beach we know one thing for certain. Our Hot Box Detox burns up to 800 calories a session! That’s good news, no matter if you’re an apple, pear or banana.

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